Edmonton Fine Dining

Experience Edmonton fine dining like never before. An exquisite and memorable experience so rare, it's unheardof. 


Unheardof combines the latest approaches to fine cuisine with the best of the past decades.  You can relax for the evening with fine wine and a multi-course dinner or dine lightly with just an entree or appetizers and be on your way to a concert, movie or party.




Mini Menu Changes


We've been making them every couple of weeks to bring the menu slowly into the summer mood.  The latest is the the change to a pineapple rum cheesecake on a coconut crust.  Seems very summery to us.



Latest Promotions

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Big Small Plates


it was so popular last year it's back until August 15.


we have the big caesar with salmon chicken or uho spicy prawns; there is pork tenderloin marsala: wild mushroom gnocchi with garden peas; a BBQ chicken salad with balsamic dressing.  All priced between $22 and $26


Summer Break

We are going to start reminding you that we will be closed from August 17 to September 11 for and extended summer break/European holiday..